Jack Underwood & Brenda Underwood
My brother Jack Underwood & his wife Brenda
Charlsie Underwood, Deborah Underwood, Lillian Odenwelder
My wife Deborah with her mother Lillian
Odenwelder (right) and my mother Charlsie
Underwood (left)
Robert Underwood born 1959
Me in 1978, age 19

Robert Underwood born 1925
My dad, Robert Milton Underwood, circa 1975
Toy Fox Terrier Sugar Belle
Sugar Belle, our Toy Fox Terrier
Underwood Crest / Coat of Arms
Underwood family crest
Royce Gracie and Robert Underwood
Standing with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Royce Gracie after his victory over Dan Severn in the UFC-4 event in Tulsa, OK
Helio Gracie and Robert Underwood
Standing with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grandmaster Helio Gracie at the party after the UFC-4 event in Tulsa, OK, December 1994
Sasquatch photo
The female Sasquatch from the Roger Patterson film of 1967, taken in northern California. Many experts believe this to be the best evidence of the existence of a previously unrecognized bipedal species.
Soryu Karate Flying Side Kick by Robert Underwood
A flying sidekick (style: Soryu karate)
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