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Some people want a theme for the night. For example, they may only want to hear Disco, or Country, or 80's Dance music. Choose from the many different genres and styles of music listed below.

Styles / Genres:


(1) Pop

Today's Pop, 1920's Pop, 1930's Pop, 1940's Pop, 1950's pop, 1960's Pop, 1970's Pop, 1980's Pop, 1990's Pop, 2000's Pop, Disco, Dance Pop, Pop Punk, Tin Pan Alley Pop

(2) R&B / Soul

Today's R&B, 1950's R&B, 1960's R&B, 1970's R&B, 1980's R&B, 1990's R&B, 2000's R&B, Blaxploitation, Deep Soul, Disco, Funk, Latin Soul, New Orleans R&B, Northern Soul, Philly Soul, Soul Instrumentals

(3) Rock

Today's Rock, 1950's Rock, 1960's Rock, 1970's Rock, 1980's Rock, 1990's Rock, 2000's Rock, Album-Oriented Rock, British Invasion, British Metal, British Psychedelia, Classical Rock, Christian Rock, Death Metal, Folk Rock, Freakbeat, Garage Rock, Glam Rock, Hair Metal, Jam Bands, Kraut Rock, Mod Revival, Neo-Psychedelia, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Proto Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Pub Rock, Rap Metal, Rockabilly, Rock Jazz, Skiffle, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Speed Metal, Texas Rock, Tex-Mex Rock

(4) Country

Today's Country, 1920's Country, 1930's Country, 1940's Country, 1950's Country, 1960's Country, 1970's Country, 1980's Country, 1990's Country, 2000's Country, Alternative Country, Bluegrass, California Country, Close Harmony, Contemporary Bluegrass, Country Pop, Cowboy, Hillbilly, Honky Tonk, Nashville Sound, Neo Traditionalist Country, Outlaw Country, Progressive Bluegrass, Progressive Country, Rockabilly, Texas Country, Traditional Country, Western Swing

(5) Jazz

Today's Jazz, 1950's Jazz, 1960's Jazz, 1970's Jazz, 1980's Jazz, 1990's Jazz, 2000's Jazz, Avant Garde Jazz, Big Band Swing, Bop, Brazilian Jazz, Chamber Jazz, Cool Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Free Jazz, Fusion, Hard Bop, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock, Latin Jazz, Modern Big Band, Modern Free Jazz, Progressive Big Band, Soul Jazz, Soul Jazz Groove

(6) Hip Hop

Today's Hip Hop, 1970's Hip Hop, 1980's Hip Hop, 1990's Hip Hop, 2000's Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop, Alternative Rap, Battle Rap, Comedy Rap, Commercial Rap, Conscious Rap, Crossover Rap, Dirty Rap, Dirty South Rap, East Coast Hip Hop, G Funk, Gangsta Rap, Go Go, Jazz Rap, Latin Rap, Old School Hip Hop, Party Rap, Pop Rap, Thug Rap, Underground Rap, West Coast Hip Hop

(7) Alternative Rock

Today's Alternate Rock, 1970's Alternate Rock, 1980's Alternate Rock, 1990's Alternate Rock, 2000's Alternate Rock, Alternative Dance, Alternative Metal, American Punk, Aussie Rock, British Punk, British Pop, Chamber Pop, Death Metal, Dream Pop, Garage Rock, Gothic Rock, Grunge, Industrial, Jangle Pop, Madchester, Mod Revival, Neo Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, New Zealand Rock, No Wave, Paisley Underground, Post Punk, Post Rock, Proto Punk, Psychobilly, Punk Pop, Rap Metal, Riot Grrl, Space Rock

(8) Electronica

Today's Electronica, 1970's Electronica, 1980's Electronica, 1990's Electronica, 2000's Electronica, Acid Jazz, Acid Techno, Ambient, Ambient Breakbeat, Ambient Dub, Detroit Techno, Downbeat, Drum N Bass, Funky Beats, Garage Techno, Hardcore, Techno, House, Progressive House, Speed Garage, Techno, Trance, Tribal Techno, Trip Hop, Neo Electro

(9) Hard Rock

Alternative Metal, British Metal, Death Metal, Funk Metal, Hair Metal, Industrial, Progressive Metal, Rap Metal, Speed Metal

(10) Indie Rock

Today's Indie Rock, 1980's Indie Rock, 1990's Indie Rock, 2000's Indie Rock, American Punk, British Punk, Chamber Pop, Dream Pop, Neo Psychedelic Rock, Post Punk, Post Rock, Riot Grrrl

(11) Classical

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Vivaldi, Wagner

(12) Punk

American Punk, British Punk, Post Punk, Proto Punk, Psychobilly


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