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Water Aerobics Water aerobics
currently teaching at Barton Creek Resort)

Running in the 1998 
Austin Marathon

1998 Austin Marathon
Scuba in Cozumel Scuba diving in Cozumel

Crossing the finish line at
the 2000 Austin Marathon

2000 Austin Marathon

Grand Canyon hiking

Hiking near the North Rim 
of the Grand Canyon

 Cross country skiing
in Colorado

cross country skiing in Colorado
Scuba in Belize Scuba diving in Belize

Snow shoeing in
Colorado with Robert

Snow shoeing in Colorado
hiking at Mt. Ranier Hiking at (chilly) Mt. Ranier National Park in Washington

During bike segment of
1998 Georgetown triathlon

Biking at Georgetown Triathlon
Rowing in Canada Rowing near
Port Alberni, Canada

2000 Austin Half Marathon

2000 Austin Half Marathon

Crossing the finish line at the
2001 Capital of Texas triathlon

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